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"Valderine is an exceptional Realtor who goes out of her way to accommodate all of your real estate needs. She is extremely detailed and cares about ensuring all of your questions/concerns are properly and timely addressed. Valderine goes the extra mile to make certain you are very comfortable with your real estate investment decision before any commitment is made. I would highly recommend her as one of the top experienced Realtors in The Bahamas!"

Sandra Payne
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Goldwynn Condo-Hotel Suite

Goldwynn Condo-Hotel Suite Type: For Sale Only
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The Rise

The Rise Type: For Sale Only
Location: New Providence/Paradise Island



Bahamas Top Schools

Bahamians hold education in high esteem and most aim for their children to attend private schools, which are primarily funded from non-government sources—in most cases religious bodies. The schools mentioned on our list are considered the most desirable private schools on New Providence. All primary and high school students in the Bahamas wear uniforms.

Please note that tuition fees mentioned are subject to change and may vary in some cases from term to term. Registration, development and other fees, not mentioned, should also be considered.

Lyford Cay International School

Lyford Cay International School is an elite, state-of-the-art institution located in the private gated community of Lyford Cay on the western tip of New Providence. Founded in 1962, the principal is Ms Stacey D. Bobo.  The school provides nursery through high school IB authorized education with no particular religious affiliation.  Each classroom is equipped with multi-media computers and Internet. Every student in grades 4-12 has access to an Apple laptop with wireless capabilities. Additionally, every classroom has an interactive whiteboard.  Sports facilities include a six lane 25m swimming pool, a sports field accommodating football/soccer pitches and a basketball court. The school's own sailboats and kayaks are kept on floating dock in the nearby marina.

Fast Facts

Address: Lyford Cay Drive, West Nassau
Contact:  P.O. Box N-7776
  T: 362-4774 
Size of Student Body: 295 Ratio Teacher to Student: Approx: 1:7
Approx Term Tuition: $4,275 (nursery)
  $5,193 (elementary)
  $5,733—$6237 (high school)
Curriculum:  Primary Years Programme Middle Years Programme IB Diploma Programme      

Tambearly School

Committed to smaller class sizes, Tambearly School was founded in 1985 as an independent preparatory school for students ranging from Pre-K (Montessori) to 9th Grade. The school is located on a four-acre campus in Sandyport, on the western end of New Providence. The campus has an enclosed, all-purpose athletic and performance facility; a library and resource centre; and swimming pool. There is no particular religious affiliation and students are encouraged to learn independently through hands-on experiences.


Address: Sandyport, West Nassau
Contact:  P.O. Box N-4284
   T: 327-5965 
Size of Student Body: 140 Ratio Teacher to Student: Approx. 16:1
Approx. Term Tuition: $1,680 (pre-school & Montessori half day)
  $2,494 (pre-school & Montessori full day)
  $3,402  (kindergarten – grade 5)
  $3,612 (grades 6—9)
Curriculum:   US curriculum supplemented by British, Canadian and Bahamian material

Summit Academy

One of the newest private schools to open its doors is Summit Academy. It is located across from Fort Montagu on Waterloo Lake in East Nassau. Founded in 2003, its principal is Ms. Gillian Wilson. Known as, “The smaller smarter school,” Summit is the only school on New Providence to offer the International Primary Curriculum. Summit has created a multi-cultural, non-denominational, Christian-values based environment. Catering to grades K2-grade 7, the school offers a challenging program specifically designed to ensure that students have a smooth transition into secondary school. The school focuses on individualized learning opportunities and also has a sports field, swimming pool and active music department.


Address: Montagu, East Bay Street
Contact:  P.O. Box EE-17972
   T: 394-4781-3
Size of Student Body: 150  Ratio Teacher to Student: 15:2 (preschool) Approx. 15:1 (elementary)
Approx. Term Tuition: starts at $1,800
Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum

St Andrew’s School

St Andrew's School, an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, caters to preconception age children up to grade 13. Located off Yamacraw Hill Rd, the furthest east of any school on the island, St Andrew’s has a longstanding reputation as one of the most elite schools on New Providence.  St Andrews, founded in 1948, has no particular religious affiliation. There are interactive whiteboards in many of the classrooms, a large new library and amphitheater. Sporting facilities include a 25 m. pool, a large soccer field, 5 baseball diamonds, basketball and tennis courts.


Address:  Yamacraw Hill Road
Contact:   P.O. Box EE-17340
   T: 324-2621/2
Size of Student Body: 832
Ratio Teacher to Student:   15-20:1 (primary) 15-22:1 (secondary)  
Approx. Term Tuition:   $1,805—$2,970 (preschool—reception) 
  $3,505 (elementary)
  3,970—$4,410 (high school)
Curriculum:   Primary Years Programme, IB diploma programme

Queen’s College

As the oldest private school on the island, Queen’s College has established itself as a first rate institution with competitive tuition rates making it a highly sought after school. Located on Village Road in east Nassau, the school operates under the auspices of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church. They are a member of IAMSCU (International Association of Methodist’s Schools and Universities). Founded in 1890, its alumni include many local politicians, clergymen and other leaders within The Bahamas. The school offers classes from pre-school to high school. Queen’s College has a very active sports department and has produced a number of strong swimmers.


Address:     Village Road
Contact:     P.O. Box N-7127
  T: 393-1666
Size of Student Body:    1,600 Ratio Teacher to Student: n/a
Approx. Term Tuition: $1,380 (ELC)
  $1,460 (Primary)
  $1,640 (High School)
Curriculum: Harcourt, Collins etc

Kingsway Academy

Kingsway has been known from its inception for its high academic standards and adherence to religious principles. This year they welcome a new high school principal, Mrs. Debbie Johnson. The elementary principal is Mrs. Cassandra Smith. The school was founded in 1959 and offers classes from pre-school through high school level. Kingsway is an inter-denominational, evangelical Christian school in east Nassau and an Associate Member of The Association of Christian School International (ACSI).


Address: Bernard Road
Contact:   P.O. Box N-4378
  T: 324-2158, 324-8811 
Size of Student Body: 1,040 Ratio Teacher to Student: 1:20 (elementary)
      1:12 (high school)
Approx. Term Tuition: $700—$1,085 (elementary) 
  $1,185 (high school)
Curriculum:   Beka, Saxon, Harcourt etc